Powerstar Golf - Rocky Ridge Game Pack
Powerstar Golf - Rocky Ridge Game Pack

Powerstar Golf - Rocky Ridge Game Pack

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Expand your Powerstar Golf experience with a new course, a new character, new career events, and more! Rocky Ridge offers fresh challenges to beginners and experts alike, with fairways snaking uphill and down through some of the most dramatic countryside there is. This item adds the following content to the game: • The 18-hole Rocky Ridge course • A new golfer (Kiara O'Flynn) to unlock, together with her Lucky Clover ability • 11 new career events to master, each with multiple goals & rewards • Kiara's custom gear (added to the Store) If this is your first game pack it also unlocks all game features, allowing you to: • Play on any course in Open Play and Local Multiplayer modes • Challenge other players’ best rounds in Rival Mode • Upload your own rival data for other players to challenge • Share and borrow caddies with friends • Unlock achievements

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