My Time at Portia Deluxe Edition

My Time at Portia Deluxe Edition

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Settle in and live your best life with the My Time at Portia Deluxe Edition. Inspired by the magic of Studio Ghibli, My Time at Portia has something for everyone. Set in a charming post-apocalyptic world of wonder that you won't forget, you can spend your time exploring new lands, or by treasure hunting in the ancient ruins and dungeons. If the call of adventure isn’t your style, you can grow crops on your own farm, tend to your animals or even spend your days fishing for the greatest catch. It’s your choice how you play! The Deluxe Edition includes: My Time at Portia game The Housewarming Bundle: This wonderful gift set includes an exclusive outfit, exclusive furniture, in-game currency, and consumable items to help you settle into your new life.

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