Still Wakes the Deep, A pale silhouette cast over the turbulent ocean skyline surrounding an Oil Rig.

Still Wakes the Deep

It’s Christmas 1975 as disaster strikes an oil rig off the Scottish mainland. Struggle to stay alive amid a scene on the edge of all logic and reality.


It’s Christmas 1975, and celebrations are cut short as disaster strikes an oil rig off the Scottish mainland. Traverse the rig to save your crew from an otherworldly horror, as you struggle to stay alive amid a scene on the edge of all logic and reality.

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Game features

A dark room covered in scattered rubbish and toppled furniture. Bright light luminates from the window on the door.

A unique horror experience

Acclaimed developer The Chinese Room transports you back to the 1970s in a first-person narrative horror set aboard one of Earth’s most isolated locations: a Scottish oil rig. All communication lines are severed. All exits are gone. Can you survive?

A dimly lit stairwell.

Navigate the rig

Explore the Beira D oil platform on a typical day before disaster strikes and unleashes an unknowable horror upon the rig. Then traverse a structurally unsound island of steel in a storm as it begins to slip downwards into the North Sea…

A dark hallway with a stack of cardboard boxes in the corner.

Face your fears

Confront phobias in your quest to rescue your crewmates. Climb towers, leap over drops, squeeze through gaps, negotiate submerged passages, and venture into areas of the rig home to an incomprehensible horror deadlier than any known predator.

A dark and narrow passage leading to a small light at the end.

Survive against all odds

Discover an unrelenting foe so powerful there’s no hope of fighting back. Sneak, distract, run and outsmart the unleashed horror in your endeavour to escape and make it home to your family.

A man working in a cafeteria kitchen.

Unrivalled authenticity

Christmas, 1975. Experience life as an off-shore worker in a meticulously designed Scottish oil rig, manned by an authentic crew. Discover the new universe from the award-winning masters of storytelling at The Chinese Room.

Game details

Still Wakes the Deep - a return to the First-person Narrative Horror genre from the creators of critically-acclaimed Dear Esther, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

A Glaswegian oil rig worker must fight for his life through a visceral storm, claustrophobic surroundings, thick, dark and perilous North Sea waters. All communications are cut off, all exits are gone, the only way to defeat the horror aboard is to face it.

Rush to escape the terrifying, strange entity that has besieged the rig. It’s aware of you, and it needs you… Climb, hide and swim through tight, warping corridors and storm-lashed iron decks. Search for your crew and help them survive – someone is trapped in the galley; another needs you to restore the power, and something strange is happening to your pain-in-the-arse boss. Through it all, you just pray to hear your daughter's voice one last time…

Additional information

Rating Pending

  • May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.


Secret Mode


The Chinese Room




Xbox Series X|S
Windows 10/11

Release date

18 June 2024

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