Xbox Fansite Guidelines:

Displaying the Xbox Logos on Non-Commercial Fan Sites or Online Message Boards

These guidelines are meant to help you make appropriate use of the Xbox® Logos when you create your non-commercial fan sites or message boards. The Xbox Logos are trademarks of Microsoft® Corporation and are used to identify certain Microsoft products and services. As a trademark owner, Microsoft has a responsibility to protect its trademarks from unauthorised or potentially confusing use and to oversee the use of those trademarks by others.

  1. You may not use any of the Xbox Logos on or in connection with any unofficial products, services or merchandise.
  2. You may only display the Xbox Logos to indicate that you are hosting a non-commercial fan site or message board relating to the Xbox game and entertainment system. The Xbox Logos must link back to or link to a game site hosted by Microsoft.
  3. You may not alter the Xbox Logos in any manner, including size, proportions, colours, elements, etc., or animate, morph or otherwise distort their perspective or appearance. Don't place anything behind, in front of, or otherwise overlap graphics on top of the Xbox Logos.
  4. The Xbox Logos may not be featured on your website in a manner that could cause your site to be mistaken for a Microsoft site. The look and content of your site should not mimic any Microsoft advertising, product packaging or web site design.
  5. Do not create a logo that imitates or is similar to any of the Xbox Logos.
  6. You may not display the Xbox Logos on any site in a manner that tarnishes the reputation of Microsoft or its products and services. This includes, but is not limited to, the inclusion of content relating to gambling, pornography, alcohol or drugs.
  7. These guidelines are specific to the Xbox Logos only and do not apply to the use of game titles, logos or other intellectual property of Microsoft or any third party.
  8. Microsoft reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify or terminate these guidelines at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Microsoft care if I am selling a few T-shirts with the Xbox Logos?

A: Trademark owners are obligated by law to police and enforce their trademarks against any unauthorised or potentially confusing use. Failure to enforce can lead to the loss of our valuable trademark rights. While we encourage the fans of Xbox gaming to express themselves, we have no choice but to enforce our rights.

Q: So you're saying that I can't use any of the Xbox Logos on my site if I am going to criticise Microsoft or a game that is lame?

A: No. You are entitled to your opinion about whether a game is good or not. We are referring to the use of our marks with content that is illegal or intended for mature audiences. Trademarks can be damaged if they are associated with such content.

Q: Can I make my own logo that includes any of the Xbox Logos? It will look different since it has my own words.

A: The inclusion of our marks in a new logo or the creation of a logo that looks like one of the Xbox Logos is not permitted. Your use of the Xbox Logos should be used in the context of providing information or commentary and not be a dominant feature of your website.

Q: I'm not selling anything. What do you mean by non-commercial?

A: Commercial activity can include something as simple as providing links to commercial websites or selling advertising (or sponsored links). Any use of sponsored links on sites that include our Xbox Logos should be very minimal. You may not make use of the Xbox Logos if your site is selling products or services.