Dungeon and Gravestone
Dungeon and Gravestone

Dungeon and Gravestone

Wonderland Kazakiri inc. • Juegos de rol
ARS$ 359,00
Violencia de fantasía, Bajo contenido de sangre


Arise! The time for sleep has passed. The world needs you now, more than ever, as the threat of destruction looms closer with each passing moment. The path of salvation lies ahead with only one way to attain it. You must conquer the dungeon and its keeper that awaits you. Beware not to outstay your welcome as your life energy is slowly drained the longer you stay in the dungeon. Those brave enough to venture the dungeon are rewarded with items to help power up their equipment, allowing them to reach further into its depths. Complete quests, fight bosses, collect items and fish like your life depends on it! Mastering this chaotic world will prove difficult as it transforms with each passing life. Will you answer the call to save the world?

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Wonderland Kazakiri inc.
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Wonderland Kazakiri inc.
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Single player
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