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Urban Street Fighter

Pix Arts • Fighting
Original price $5.99, on sale for $3.59
On sale: save $2.40
On sale: save $2.40
For ages 13 and up, Violence


Find the original fighting experience with this hardcore beat'em up game. Defeats your opponents with amazing stunts and blows. Full 3D, Action-packed with realistic physics, 2 AI modes, single player or local multiplayer, this game will bring you hours of fun. Main Features: -AAA Physic Engine -AAA Graphic Engine -Simple and Advanced AI engines, selectable difficulty -5 characters -5 sceneries -180 animations -Ambient Optional musics -Realistics Sound Effects -Solo Against Device or 2 Player Mode -Gamepad and/or Keyboard intuitive Controls Controls: Player 1 Controls: Gamepad 1 or Keyboard: Move, crouch, jump: W, A, S, D Light Punch & Character Select: T Medium Punch: Y Heavy Punch: U Light Kick: G Medium Kick: H Heavy Kick: J Player 2 Controls: Gamepad 2 or Keyboard: Move, crouch, jump: Arrow Keys Light Punch & Character Select: Insert Medium Punch: Delete Heavy Punch: Home Light Kick: End Medium Kick: Page Up Heavy Kick: Page Down

Published by
Pix Arts
Developed by
Pix Arts
Release date

Playable on

Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Local multiplayer
Single player
Xbox Live