Super Duck
Super Duck

Super Duck

Gamer Bear • Action & adventure • Classics • Platformer

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Super Duck: A classic style platform game where your task is saving ducklings! SuperDuck, a mutant superhero, travels through time and space to save all the little ducklings that have been kidnapped by an evil doctor which pretends to take over the world with his domination machine. Worried by SuperDuck powers, the evil doctor sent the ducklings to ancient Egypt, to the South Pole, and to an orbiting space station. Help SuperDuck to save them! This platform game features: * 56 unique levels in space, Egypt and North Pole (18 free) * Classic style platform meets the puzzle genre * Lots of ducks and ducklings :) * Explosives * Includes suggestions for levels if you're stuck.

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Gamer Bear

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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


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