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Robopoc: SciFi Third Person Shooter

Viesoft • Action & adventure • Shooter
For all ages


Robopoc is Third Person Shooter It contains advanced mechanics. Using the UE4, Robopoc: SciFi Third Person Shooter has modern 3D Graphics. All Upcoming additions to the game, Levels, Weapons, .. will be free! Will add optimization for more devices. Major features: • Cover system • Human AI (hostile and friendly) • Paragon characters • Quick time events system • Ladder and ledge climbing • Stealth kill Technical Details Movement: - Running - Crouching - Sprinting - Jumping - Slide - Vault for player and AI - Side kick attack for player and AI - Crouching walk - Rolling (during close up aiming and normal aiming) Gameplay: - Shooting - Guns - assault rifle, pistol, shotgun, silenced pistol - Weapons change - Weapons reload (for player and AI) - Cover system - blind shooting - Decals on bullet hit points - Turret enemy - Covering system for AI - AI look for player after lost sight - Objects reacting to certain type of weapon - HUD hit indicator - Deadly obstacles - Simple checkpoint system - Launchpad - Pickable items - (health, ammo) - Elevator - Pathnode animation system for human AI - Gamepad support for gameplay - Save game framework - Pause menu - Laser sight - Flying bot enemy - Flying pulsing plasma enemy - Spawn drop component - Loot objects - Player noise system - Exploding barrel - Physical material which make noise and alert enemies - Enemies are able to alarm each other - Destroyable cover points and vault for AI - Shield for enemies with autoregenerated health - Surveillance camera - HUD notification

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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


4K Ultra HD
Single player
Variable Refresh Rate
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