Portal Knights - Elves, Rogues, and Rifts

Portal Knights - Elves, Rogues, and Rifts

505 Games • Action & adventure
On sale: save $5.00, ends in 7 days
Requires a game
On sale: save $5.00, ends in 7 days
Requires a game
For ages 10 and up
Fantasy Violence

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This content requires a game (sold separately).


Travel to Elysia’s moon, Faynore, and uncover its mysteries! FEATURES: Play as a Rogue! Explore new talents like stealth and backstabbing, along with dozens of new, craftable weapons and armor. Play as an Elf! A new race, complete with ears, hair styles, skin tones, and more! Beware the Roguelite Rifts! These randomly generated passages are home to devious traps and puzzles. Should a Portal Knight fail to reach the end of a Rift in time, ALL treasures found are lost forever! Travel with friends for your best chance of survival. All-New Exotic Loot! The Rifts contain many rare treasures, but to acquire them you’ll need to find the crafting stations hidden in their depths! The Elvish City and Rogue’s Guild These quest islands are full of charming characters and political intrigue! Bring Friends to Faynore! You can host other players on Faynore – though only players who own the DLC will be able to use items found there.

Published by

505 Games

Developed by

Keen Games

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Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S