Mouse Dreams
Mouse Dreams

Mouse Dreams

Grogan • Family & kids


Get the cheese then get to the exit. It's that easy... ...well it would be if it wasn't for the moving shelves, light-activated switches, obstacles, and objects doing their best to block your progress! In Mouse Dreams, a whimsical puzzle-platform game for players of all ages, you play as Squeaks the Mouse as you navigate the strange houses that exist in a mouse's dreams. Use your wits to manipulate objects and solve puzzles of ever-increasing difficulty. And as if that doesn't already sound fun enough, there are 3 pieces of super tasty red cheese hidden in each house. Can you find them all? Can you collect all the different coloured hats for Squeaks to wear? Oh, and beware of the ghosts in the haunted house! If you stay in the light you should be safe!

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