Imperial Edition Upgrade
Imperial Edition Upgrade

Imperial Edition Upgrade

Bethesda Softworks • Role playing
For ages 17 and up, Use of Alcohol, Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Violence

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Enhance your adventures with The Imperial Edition Upgrade. The Imperial race is able to play in any alliance you choose. You'll be able to travel around Tamriel with your trusty Imperial White Horse. Your character will have immediate access to craft Imperial gear, or transform existing gear into the Imperial style. Adventuring can be lonely, good thing you'll have a companion to adventure with, an exclusive Mudcrab vanity pet. If the adorable Mudcrab isn't enough company, the Rings of Mara will allow you to complete the Ritual of Mara, where you and a friend will receive an experience bonus when playing together.

Published by
Bethesda Softworks
Developed by
ZeniMax Online Studios
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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S

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