Tricky Doors

Tricky Doors

FIVE-BN STUDIOAction & adventurePuzzle & trivia
For ages 7 and up

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Solve the puzzles and open all the tricky doors to find a way out! Tricky doors is a captivating game that offers a variety of puzzles. Find a creative way to get out of each room. Tricky doors is a point-and-click game in the "escape the room" genre with plenty of mini-games and complicated quests. You can open a lot of different doors. Behind each door, you will find hostile and friendly worlds, as well as familiar and exotic landscapes. Your task is always the same - you need to leave the place where the game sent you this time through a portal to move forward. Solve puzzles and find hidden objects. Many of them will be familiar to you. Some of them you'll see for the first time. Can you use all of them to find a way out? Challenge your quick-wittedness! Fantastic locations and beautiful graphics Unique escape stories Exciting search for hidden objects Challenging mini-games Will be interesting for both beginners and experienced players +++ Get more games created by FIVE-BN GAMES! +++ WWW: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: PINTEREST: INSTAGRAM:

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