World of Warships: Legends — Mythical Might
World of Warships: Legends — Mythical Might

World of Warships: Legends — Mythical Might • Action & adventure

In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items)

+Offers in-app purchases.

Online multiplayer on console requires Xbox subscription (sold separately).

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Improve your forces and continue creating your fleet: French Premium battleship Turenne and British Tier V cruiser Leander are at your service. Bundle includes: British Tier V cruiser Leander 1x Leander Standard Type Grade I permanent camouflage French Tier III Premium battleship Turenne 3 days of Premium Account 7x Rare Ship XP Boosters 7x Rare Credit Boosters 7x Rare Commander XP Boosters 7x Rare Global XP Boosters 7x Rare Battle Boosters If you already have these ships and Camouflages, you'll receive the following as compensation: Leander: 7,576,500 credits Camouflage for Leander: 1,125,000 credits Content such as Boosters, Commander XP, Camouflages, etc., only become visible upon reaching a certain account level in the game.

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Wargaming Group Limited
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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Online co-op (2-9)
Online multiplayer (2-18)
4K Ultra HD
Optimised for Xbox Series X|S
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