Ultimate Match 3

Ultimate Match 3

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For ages 3 and over

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Feel bored? 🔥 Ultimate Match 3 is the best matching game & MOST exciting puzzle adventure today to pass the boring time, keep your brain active and relieve stress. Swap, draw a line or tap on the fruits of the same colors to create unique boosters with special matching combinations. Use boosters for huge explosions to blast your way through hundreds of unique match puzzle levels! But match carefully – it’s not so easy when you have limited moves or have to race against the clock! 🔥 Ultimate Match 3 contains not only classic Match-Three gameplay, but Match-Chain and Match-Click mechanics too. These is three most popular gameplay in this genre. ✔️ Match 3 - player needs to swap two adjacent chips to make a row of three or more chips. This can be a horizontal, vertical row or both (cross combination). When a player makes a combination with four or more chips, he creates a special bomb. ✔️ Match-Chain - here player must to draw a line of chips of the same colors. When the line it too long, it clears the level field from all chips with the same color. ✔️ Match-Tap - player simply clicks on the areas of chips with the same color to crush them. If the area is long, it make a special bomb. 🔥 All kind of matchable chips can be mixed. ✔️ Cake + Jam - Cake don't crush all chip on of the possible colors. Instead of this Cake transform all these chips to Jam and activate them. ✔️ Horizontal Bomb + Simple Bomb - The line with Horizontal Bomb will destroy will have 300% thickness. ✔️ Lightning Bomb + Lightning Bomb - this effect clears the whole field. ✔️ Jam + Cross Bomb - The Jam bomb explodes as the Cross Bomb when it is falling to the target place. ✔️ And Much More... 🔥 BOOSTERS Boosters, that can be chosen before level start: ✔️ Extra Moves Booster - allows to start the level with five additional moves. ✔️ Pearl - it generates new Pearls on the field each few moves. ✔️ Paint - it paints many chips in one color at level start. ✔️ Surprise - the box with random booster. And boosters which can be taken during level is playing: ✔️ Firework - removes all chips with selected color. ✔️ Glove - it removes one selected chip. ✔️ Tornado - it changes the place of all possible chips. Very helpful when the field doesn't have any useful movements. 🔥 LEVEL GOALS ✔️ Star Goal - player needs to reach full bar of score. And to get all three stars. ✔️ Collection Goal - there is a few colored target. It will be reached as soon as player will crush certain count of chips of certain color. ✔️ Ingredient Goal - lower the ingredient chips down to the bottom of the field. ✔️ Glass Goal - to crush down all Glass slots. ✔️ Stone Goal - to destroy certain count of Stone chips. ✔️ Sandwich Goal - to destroy all layered Sandwiches. ✔️ Flood Goal - to fill whole the field with water. ✔️ And Much More... ➡️ Available on PC & XBOX

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