Train Sim World® 3: Southeastern Super Starter Pack

Train Sim World® 3: Southeastern Super Starter Pack

Dovetail Games • Simulation
For ages 3 and over

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Discover the ultimate UK route experience with Train Sim World 3: Southeastern Super Starter Pack! On the 89-mile Southeastern Highspeed route, explore HS1 aboard the sleek Class 395, serving London, Ashford and Faversham. Run throughout Medway with the hard-working Class 375 and Class 465, as well as heavy-hauling freight with the Class 66. Complete the passenger experience with the all-new Thameslink Class 700/0, which adds extra services between Dartford and Rainham! State-of-the-art and modern, the Desiro City perfects the commuter service in the Garden of England. Embark on unique services with the Rail Operations Group Class 37 & Rail Head Treatment Train! Drag Class 375s in liveries old and new and shuttle the RHTT through Kent on leaf-blasting duty. Haul additional freight using wagons from the BR Heavy Freight Pack. Drive 27 scenarios and 600+ services on Southeastern Highspeed!

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Dovetail Games

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Dovetail Games

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