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Bethesda Softworks • Shooter
For ages 18 and over, Extreme Violence

Online multiplayer on console requires Xbox subscription (sold separately).


Originally released by id Software in 1997, Quake® II is a fast-paced sci-fi first-person shooter. You’re Bitterman, one of the few marines who survived an orbital drop onto an alien planet ruled by the Strogg, a race of warriors bent on invading Earth. Outnumbered, alone and behind enemy lines you must destroy the Strogg defenses and assassinate their commander before they can attack Earth. Features EPIC SCI-FI CAMPAIGN A crash-landing forces you to battle your way from the edge of enemy territory into the very heart of the Strogg Empire. Battle the alien army across 39 levels as you dismantle their planetary defense system, disable the dimensional gateway, and eliminate the supreme commander to complete your mission and stop the Strogg from attacking Earth. GUNS AND GEAR Assemble an arsenal of powerful guns and upgrades as you advance deeper into Strogg territory. Adapt to your enemy by discovering the best weapon for each situation. Find gear that permanently increases your ammo capacity and powerups that temporarily boost your damage, grant invulnerability, or allow you to survive environmental hazards and uncover secret areas.

Published by
Bethesda Softworks
Developed by
id Software
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Local multiplayer
Online multiplayer
Single player