Meet Your Maker: Sector 1 Bundle

Meet Your Maker: Sector 1 Bundle

Behaviour Interactive Inc. • Shooter
For ages 16 and over
In-Game Purchases, Violence

Game requires online multiplayer subscription to play on console (Game Pass Core or Ultimate, sold separately).


Experience everything Sector 1: Dreadshore has to offer. Meet Your Maker’s Sector 1 Bundle lets you to take your creativity to fearsome new depths. Build devastating creations and tackle challenging Outposts with a plethora of new tools and cosmetics inspired by Dreadshore, its infamous lighthouse Sanctuary, and the only prisoner to escape its grasp. Their tools now become yours. The Sector 1 Bundle includes the Sector 1 Arsenal Pack + the Sector 1 Cosmetic Collection: 1 CUSTODIAN + ALTERNATE SKIN: - Nautilus - Maelstrom skin A Custodian suit with disturbing origins tied to the lighthouse Sanctuary. With its hulking frame, the Nautilus enhances the effects of defensive weaponry. The alternate Maelstrom suit was said to have been used by the legendary figure to trawl the ocean depths for the dead. 1 TRAP: - Sentry Beam Developed to contain the lighthouse Sanctuary's prisoners, it uses motion tracking to lock onto a target and emit a narrow beam of super-heated amplified light. Should the beam miss, it ricochets multiple times, causing even more damage. 1 GUARD: - Ravager A disturbing by-product of the lighthouse Sanctuary’s genetic experiments, the Ravager simultaneously fires several shots, causing a scattershot attack that’s more difficult to evade than a single bolt. 1 WEAPON + ALTERNATE SKIN: - Demolition Cannon - Dreadnought Skin Powerful and portable, the Demolition Cannon delivers an explosive payload in a reusable shell for a localized blast that causes tremendous damage. The Dreadnought variant features the same explosive firepower but was made with the hard steel of a beached warship for a unique look. 1 DECOPACK: LIGHT’S END 2 Blocks (Each available in 3 shapes) - Lighthouse Brick - Lighthouse Window Build with lighthouse pieces that were made to survive the elements. 2 props - Convex Wall - Drainage Pipes Lighthouse facility parts that are worn and rusted after years of use. 1 animated prop - Machine Window Moving machinery that powers a lighthouse beacon, luring Raiders in with its eerie glow. 8 Decals Paint your Outpost with the patterns of a traditional lighthouse. *All items in Meet Your Maker can be mixed and matched freely when building an Outpost or creating a Raider loadout.

Published by

Behaviour Interactive Inc.

Developed by

Behaviour Interactive Inc.

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Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Online co-op (2-2)
  • Single player
  • Xbox Live