Meet Your Maker: Sector 1 Arsenal Pack

Meet Your Maker: Sector 1 Arsenal Pack

Behaviour Interactive Inc. • Other • Shooter
Requires a game
Requires a game
For ages 16 and over
In-Game Purchases, Violence

This content requires a game (sold separately).


Meet Your Maker’s Sector 1 Arsenal Pack expands your toolbox with 4 vicious implements of death. Welcome to the Dreadshore, a place of mud, rust, and endless fog. On the murky remains of the New England coastline stands a lighthouse Sanctuary where Custodian and Chimera once performed unspeakable experiments in a prison of pain. Their tools now become yours. Explore punishing new avenues of creativity with the traps and genetic abominations used to rule this secret facility. CLAIM FOR FREE – Claim the Sector 1 Arsenal Pack for FREE from June 27th to July 10th and add these lethal tools to your next build. The Dreadshore Arsenal Pack contains:   1 CUSTODIAN:  - Nautilus Enhance the effects of defensive weaponry and increase your odds of survival against any onslaught. This armor, resembling an ancient diving suit, was developed in secret by the only prisoner to escape the lighthouse Sanctuary. Nautilus, a terror from the depths who came to drown the last of humanity. 1 TRAP:  -Sentry Beam This trap was developed by the lighthouse Sanctuary to swiftly execute any prisoner bold enough to pursue escape. The Sentry Beam’s watchful red eye uses motion-tracking to lock onto a target and emit a narrow laser beam of super-heated amplified light – perfect for slicing through fast-moving Raiders. Should the beam miss its mark, it ricochets multiple times offering additional opportunity for a chaotic, blistering kill. 1 GUARD:  -Ravager Both ruthless brute and precise killer, the Ravager is a disturbing result of the lighthouse Sanctuary’s failed cloning experiments. Its visor alters its vision to display multiple blurred targets when only one is present, causing it to simultaneously fire at each in a scattershot attack more difficult to evade than a single bolt. Efficient and aggressive, the Ravager is an imposing addition to any Outpost’s defenses. 1 WEAPON:  -Demolition Cannon Discovered in the Sanctuary’s armory by Nautilus during his blood-soaked escape, the Demolition Cannon was used to decimate any who stood in his path. Powerful and portable, this heavy artillery delivers an explosive payload in a reusable shell for a localized explosion that causes massive damage.

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Behaviour Interactive Inc.

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