Hack and Shoot Heroes
Hack and Shoot Heroes

Hack and Shoot Heroes

Kistler Studios • Action & adventure • Role playing • Shooter
For ages 12 and over
Moderate Violence


Survive the hordes! Hack and shoot through them to get the glory of the victory. Choose from different heroes each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Level up and get epic loot to enhance your abilities to slash through the hordes of enemies even more powerful. Get ready to face the endboss in a devastiting last final battle. Explore three different biomes in two different modes normal and horde mode. Use your collected coins to unlock new heroes or enhance your favorite hero through the item shop. Choose from six different Heroes, the knight with his fast slashing sword, the firemage with her devastating fire spells, the priest with his unbroken faith, the light footed rogue with his boomerang shuriken blade, the necromancer who is calling the undeads for help or the storm mage with his flashy lightning spells. Each Hero has advantages and disadvantages for an unique game feel and enemy slashing experience. Level up and choose from three different items per level up where each can be one of three item types. A consumable, an armor item, an heal item, a weapon or a stats modifying item. And if you want to spec for a specific playstyle you can reroll for only 100 gold and hope to get the right item in a next roll. The coins can be collected by slashing enemies and there are plenty of them ! Hack and Shoot Heroes is a bullet hell / Hack and Slash/ twin stick shooter survive enemy waves game where you level up your hero, collect coins, unlock new heroes and defeat endbosses to unlock the next level. Happy Slashing! Features: - Six different Heroes (Knight, Firemage, Priest, Necromancer, Stormmage and Rogue) - Persistent Items like inventory space in the main menu item shop - Three Levels with Three Boss fights - A lot of different weapons ,items and consumables - Normal and Horde mode A way to enjoy the game ... Early Game The early game is about the shiny valuable coins and staying alive long enough for the bigger enemies. As your invenctory capacity is limited, you might want to increase the inventory capacity as a priority but there are also other valuable items in the item menu shop like health increasing or attack speed increasing items. Mid Game The mid game is about to explore the game. Now with a bigger inventory you can now equip a variatey of different weapons and other valuable items which helps you to slay enemy faster and more powerful. Look out for some hidden spots and explore the map to might find a legendary chest. Unlock new heroes and discover their abilities and advantages and discover a different hack and shooting experience. End Game The endgame is about luck. Now as you farmed enough coins you can use the reroll button extensively and roll for specific items like an item which might be helpful for a specific boss (maybe a broken one ?) , a specific play style, or specific legendary item or you might feel underpowered and you need more damage or health. At the end the ultimate final goal is to hack and shoot through the hordes as powerful as you can. However the most important thing.... just enjoy the game and have a good time and if you do not enjoy the game you might have a different taste... Happy hacking and shooting!

Published by

Kistler Studios

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Kistler Studios

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Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Mobile
  • HoloLens
  • PC
  • Hub


  • Single player
  • Xbox Live