Escape From The Dark

Escape From The Dark

WatstudiosAction & adventurePuzzle & trivia
For ages 7 and over


Marcos is a single man who suffers from insomnia due to family and health problems. Together with his friend Sara, they have been taking care of an elderly noblewoman who has no family for more than a month. She in return gives them stupendous gifts. Her last gift was a talisman that, according to her, can grant wishes to anyone who possesses it. Marcos and Sara see how their problems in life begin to be solved thanks to the amulet. But after several weeks, a series of unexpected events begin to destroy their lives. They suspect that the talisman is the culprit and after investigating, they realize that they have just unleashed a great evil power that is related to another twilight zone and that will end their lives unless they destroy the artifact. Will they be able to escape this series of curses? Is the old woman hiding some secret? The nightmare of these two friends is just beginning and they will have to take a trip to a place they never imagined.

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Remainder Studios

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