Crystal Seeker

Crystal Seeker

Super Power Games • Platformer • Strategy


This is a 3D platformer game. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Fully functional 3D platformer physics 9 levels & 3 unique world styles (grassland, ice, jungle) 7 OST (original sound tracks) Many features like moving, slippery, falling platforms, swinging ropes, bouncing pads, boosting circles and more… 3 types of enemies 3 full boss fights ---------------------------------------------------------------- [WASD] - Move [Arrow keys] - Rotate camera [Space] - Jump , hold space for larger jutmp [P] - Pause/unpause game Collect all power crystals(9) to beat the game. Replay levels in time trial to get time crystals. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Tips if you're stuck: Level 2: Try jumping immediately after landing Level 3: Go far away from boss Level 6: Keep jumping Level 9 : Predict boss movement

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Super Power Games

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