Crusader Kings III: Chapter I

Crusader Kings III: Chapter I

Paradox InteractiveRole playingSimulationStrategy
Requires a game
Requires a game
For ages 12 and over
Bad Language, Sex, Violence

This content requires a game (sold separately).


Complete your Crusader Kings III grand strategy experience with Crusader Kings III: Chapter I consisting of the game’s first major expansion and two unique flavor packs. Crusader Kings: Fate of Iberia The Iberian peninsula’s medieval saga can be reshaped by your hand in this flavor pack. Get ready to discover the new “Struggle” mechanic, and explore a host of new thematic events, cultural traditions, decisions, music, 3D models and art, extravagant turbans and curly hair, and much more. Crusader Kings: Royal Court Step into your fully immersive court with Crusader Kings: Royal Court, and watch as your throne room comes to life. Commission works of art, grant audiences, craft and display priceless artifacts, witness intrigues and dive deep into an overhauled Culture system. Crusader Kings: Northern Lords Discover the true richness of the Norse world with Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords, in the first in-depth flavor pack featuring everything from brave Varangian adventures, runestones, Blot sacrifices to Viking beards and brutal berserkers. The Crusader Kings III: Chapter I also gifts the Fashion of the Abbasid Court cosmetic pack, granting your court a dashing new look with outfits and clothing inspired by Middle Eastern and North African cultures.

Published by

Paradox Interactive

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Paradox Development Studio, Lab42

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  • Xbox Series X|S