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★★★ STORY ★★★ Micro Manager, in his desperation to gain the power of the golden apples has begun to take control of planet Appelmoeshapje. As Micro Manager's influence grows, Appel finds not only the inhabitants of, but the very world is turning against him! - Help Appel to navigate through each level, avoiding danger, collecting as many golden apples as you can before finally facing Micro Manager and restoring peace to the world. ★★★ CONTROLS ★★★ • Arrow Keys or WASD to run, jump & crouch • Wall Jump - by touching a wall and pressing 'up' • Jump Higher - by holding up for longer • Stick to the ceiling - by holding up - But be careful, you can't move sideways when 'stuck' to a surface • Crouch by holding down (you can crouch on the floor, but also the walls and ceiling!) • Q + R - to quickly restart the level • Complete a level, then click 'replay' and then pause for an option to save your replay (load them back in the Play / Load option) Wait a few seconds for xbox controller.

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