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Crossout — Assault Force: Bravo-6

Gaijin Distribution Kft • Action & adventure • Other • Racing & flying • Shooter
For ages 7 and over, Violence

This content requires a game (sold separately).


- Unique armoured car MBT; - New unique chassis “Tank track” (2 pcs.); - Unique character portrait “Bravo-6”; - Unique paint can “Rough sand”; - 1500 in-game coins. Additionally, the player gets: - A set of unique stickers; - Epic rocket launcher “Cricket” (2 pcs.); - Special cabin “Jawbreaker”; - Maximum number of parts increased to 65. Personal file No. 9113 Title: Captain Operation call sign: Bravo-6 Specialization: tank commander Due for military service in 2043. Evaluation: A mechanical engineer, familiar with all pieces of military equipment and periodically improving his skills. After becoming the youngest graduate of the armor school, he acted as an instructor to his fellow cadets. He is a team player who listens to his subordinates and a good strategist, capable of making unconventional decisions during combat missions. Trained to use the AR interface and can coordinate the entire squad effectively with it. Recommended for assignment to Operation “Return”. The unique armoured cars presented in packs are known for their perfect balance of weapons, armour and speed in combat. To put the car in the garage, go to the “Packs” tab, select the desired armoured car and click the “Assemble” button. When you purchase this pack, the number of parts that can be used to build a vehicle increases. Attention! Storage overflow is possible under certain conditions. Buying the pack also gives early access to several faction-specific structural parts. These parts become available immediately upon purchase and are not issued again upon reaching the appropriate reputation level. Some parts are unique and can only exist in a single copy. Unique portraits provide an excellent opportunity to stand out among the survivors. Paint cans are a way to make your armoured car different from the pack. Coins — is the in-game currency, which is used on the market to purchase armoured car parts from other survivors and to pay for the rent of part-building workbenches. Attention! When buying multiple packs, the acquired coins stack!

Published by
Gaijin Distribution Kft
Developed by
Targem Games
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Playable on

Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S

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