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Hunt: Showdown - Live by the Blade

Deep Silver • Shooter
Original price AU$11.95, on sale for AU$4.18
On sale: save AU$7.77
On sale: save AU$7.77
For ages 15 and over, Strong Violence

Online Interactivity

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Live by the Blade includes 4 new weapons - Farrier's Fist Forged in a dying fire, the Farrier’s Fist puts the rough in roughshod. A horseshoe turned-melee-weapon, these improvised dusters have helped more than one Hunter out of a tough spot. Reaper’s Hand More than just a farm tool repurposed as a heavy knife, the Reaper’s Hand gained infamy thanks to its deadly silhouette, striking terror in the heart of timid Hunters. The Rasp Among the cruelest of weapons found in the bayou, pray that when you face The Rasp your killer uses it as a knuckle knife. Its first owner, notoriously cruel, was fond of using it for its original purpose: as a drill. Malice Crafted with rage and wielded with malice, this gruesome combat axe came to be when a desperate Hunter was forced to repair the blade in the field with barbed wire in the midst of a revenge-fueled melee slaughter.

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Deep Silver
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