The Surge 2 - Public Enemy Weapon Pack

The Surge 2 - Public Enemy Weapon Pack

Focus Entertainment • Role playing
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For ages 18 and up
Bad Language, Violence

This content requires a game (sold separately).


Expand your The Surge 2 experience with the Public Enemy Weapon Pack and get access to 13 brand new weapons. From pillaged CREO equipment to nanite-infected staves and recycled rotor blades, find the enemies that equip them, cut them off and equip them for yourself in your fight for Jericho City! The Public Enemy Weapon Pack is included in The Surge 2’s Season Pass. The Public Enemy Weapon Pack includes : - The “Codename: Engelhart” Single Rig weapon - The “MG Jackknife” Single Rig weapon - The “Foremen's Divine Hands” Twin Rig weapon - The “Wave of Tomorrow” Spear - The “Codename: Carmina” Spear - The “Severed Rotor Blade” Hammer - The “Codename: Parsifal v2.0” Hammer - The “Portable Omni-Assembler” Heavy Duty weapon - The “Kate 2.0” Staff - The “MG Ignis” Staff - The “Strongarm Twinblade” Sword - The “MG Centurion” Sword - The “Codename: Zarathrustra” Punching Gloves

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  • Xbox One
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