Super Double Dragon

Super Double Dragon

ARC SYSTEM WORKSAction & adventureFighting
For ages 12 and up
Moderate Violence, Mild Swearing


Super Double Dragon comes to modern consoles for the first time! This stage-based side scrolling action classic first came out for the Super Nintendo in 1992. The border of the screen can now be customized with a choice of 5 wallpapers. Play with your background of choice! You can now ramp up the action, with customizable play speed going up to double speed! Discover a whole new way to enjoy the game with extra tumultuous battles! Key Features: ・Fend off enemy attacks with the Guard command ・Build up the newly added Dragon Power gauge to unleash new moves ・Take out enemies with the help of items such as sandbags and punching bags throughout the stage ・Choosing Mode B turns on friendly fire Take control of the twin Dragons to make waves in the modern era!

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Playable on

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Single player
  • 60 fps+
  • Xbox achievements
  • Xbox cloud saves
  • Xbox Live