Company of Heroes 2: Complete Collection
Company of Heroes 2: Complete Collection

Company of Heroes 2: Complete Collection

SEGA Europe Ltd • Simulation • Strategy
9 Supported languages
9 Supported languages
Extreme Violence, Strong Language

Users Interact, In-Game Purchases

Online multiplayer on console requires Xbox subscription (sold separately).


Experience war in Europe like never before. Lead your forces to historic victories in two epic campaigns spanning from Stalingrad to the Battle of the Bulge. Command five unique factions across an incredible selection of multiplayer and skirmish scenarios. Intense co-op and challenge missions await in the thrilling Theatre of War expansions. Inspired by history – grounded in strategy, Company of Heroes 2 builds on a legacy of award-winning combined arms gameplay. Master authentic series defining mechanics such as cover, line of sight, suppression, and supply lines to secure victory. Visceral visual presentation completes the experience. Realistic physics and incredible detail dial up the immersion in ever-changing destructible environments. Feel the battle as vehicles crush barricades, artillery scars the landscape, and ice cracks under the treads of a tank threatening a chill grave. This is Company of Heroes 2.

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SEGA Europe Ltd
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