Spiritfarer logo, boat on the water with clouds forming different animals

Spiritfarer for Xbox One and Windows 10

Available in 2020

Coming soon to Xbox Game Pass


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What will you leave behind?

Spiritfarer is a cosy management game about dying. As ferrymaster to the deceased, build a boat to explore the world, care for your spirit friends, and guide them across mystical seas to finally release them into the afterlife.

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Game features

Run, jump and glide

Run, jump and glide your way through elegantly constructed platforming levels.

Two characters on a boat with one floating, pink water and white trees and leaves

Explore a fantastic and imaginative world

Seek and gather resources to craft upgrades for your ship and gifts for your passengers.

Two characters hugging in a reading room within a larger house

Unwind for hours

Unwind for hours into cosy and relaxing gameplay. 30 hours to finish, hundreds more to experience everything Spiritfarer has to offer.

A character and a cat fishing off the end of a boat house with a sunset and land with many trees in the background

Make the adventure your own

Make the adventure your own with rich customisation options for your boat, character, even the cat!

Five characters lines up on the end of a boat during a sunset with two of the characters playing music
Background of clouds and birds flying away

Game details

Spiritfarer is a cosy management game about dying. You play Stella, ferrymaster to the deceased, a Spiritfarer. Build a boat to explore the world, then befriend and care for spirits before finally releasing them into the afterlife. Farm, mine, fish, harvest, cook and craft your way across mystical seas. Join the adventure as Daffodil the cat, in two-player cooperative play. Spend relaxing quality time with your spirit passengers, create lasting memories, and, ultimately, learn how to say goodbye to your cherished friends.

Enjoy beautiful hand-drawn art and animation while you build, manage and improve your own ferry. You can farm, mine, fish, harvest, cook, weave, craft! An endless variety of activities await you!

Meet, take on board, care for and forge relationships with a cast of memorable characters. Experience moving, emotional stories filled with unforgettable moments. Make the adventure your own with rich customisation options for your boat, character, even the cat with the optional local co-op where you can play as Daffodil the cat.

Additional information

  • Publisher
  • Thunder Lotus
  • Developer
  • Thunder Lotus
  • Genre
  • Simulation
  • Adventure
  • Platforms
  • Xbox One
    Windows 10
  • Release date
  • 2020
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