Troubleshoot Xbox One SmartGlass Connections

If your Xbox One and SmartGlass app aren't working well together, here are some things to try.

First, verify everything is set up correctly

If everything is set up correctly, reset your network and connection

  1. Restart your router by unplugging it for 30 seconds.
  2. Restart your Xbox One console by unplugging it for 30 seconds.
  3. Connect your SmartGlass device to your Xbox One using the console’s IP Address:
    1. On your console, go to Settings > Network > Advanced settings to get the IP address.
    2. In SmartGlass, tap the Connect icon, and then tap Enter IP address.

If you still have problems, check these common networking issues

In the router settings, turn off isolation mode if it is enabled. Make sure your device and console are not on the guest network.

Some wireless routers have a feature called "wireless isolation" mode, "guest mode" or something similar. This allows devices to have internet access but not to communicate with other devices or computers on the network. Xbox SmartGlass cannot automatically find the console, and even using the IP address does not work.

If you have a dual-band router, make sure that you have different SSID names in your router settings. This can simply mean adding a “5” at the end of the SSID name for the 5ghz range. Ensure that your devices connect to the proper SSID.

Some dual-band wireless routers allow you to specify the same SSID for both the 2.4ghz and the 5ghz bands, and some do this by default. When the SSIDs are the same, routers can have issues routing traffic correctly on the network. This means your devices and console appear to have internet access but devices will not connect to the console.

Last resort: restore your router to its default factory settings

If none of the other solutions have worked, then try this. You might need to reconnect your wireless devices to your network afterward.

Follow the steps in your router manual or manufacturer website to reset the router to factory defaults. Connect your console and device to the wireless network before re-establishing your security settings. Tap the Connect icon in SmartGlass and connect to the console. Re-establish your security settings.