A Samsung TV that has the game DIRT 5 featured on-screen.

True 4K at 120FPS

Stunning 4K visuals come to life on the Samsung QLED, which supports next-gen HDMI 2.1 features. Whether from Xbox’s catalog of games across four generations, or the latest next-gen title playing at a blistering 120 frames per second, Samsung QLEDs are ready to make your Xbox Series X experience the best.*

A Samsung TV that has the game Destiny 2 featured on-screen.

5.8ms Input Lag and ALLM

Samsung QLED’s immensely low input lag, matched with the new ultra-low latency response-time between the Xbox Series X controller and console, keeps you immersed in the action like never before.

A Samsung TV that has the game Cyberpunk featured on-screen.

AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro and VRR

Enjoy effortlessly smooth gameplay with less lag, tearing, and stuttering. VRR syncs the refresh rate of your TV to the frame rate of the game for the ultimate immerse experience on your Samsung QLED.