Complaint Feedback

You may have received an Xbox LIVE message indicating we took action on a recent complaint you’ve filed. We rely on our passionate customers to help keep Xbox LIVE safe and fun for everyone. Thank you for doing your part! 

By filing accurate complaints you help us identify and take action against those who violate our Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct and Terms of Use. The end result? Xbox LIVE is better because of you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did I receive this message?
A: You recently filed one or more accurate complaints that we took enforcement action on and we wanted you to know that we appreciate your help in keeping Xbox LIVE safe and fun for everyone.

Q: I file lots of complaints, why don’t I see more of these messages?
A: Complaints are not always accurate, and while some complaints may seem obvious, we have to evaluate them contextually against the specifics of the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct. Sometimes the observed activity does not raise to the level of a genuine enforceable violation. In some circumstances, (due to business, legal and privacy concerns) we can’t always send feedback to users on complaints they have filed.

Q: Does the user that receives an enforcement action as a result of my complaint know that it was me?
A: No. We have concerns about retaliation between users, which is another reason why you won’t always receive notification of enforcement actions.

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