ESL on Xbox One

on Xbox One

With the esports app from ESL, you can be a part in the world's biggest online league for Xbox players and become a champion. Play for prizes and prize money, or simply for fun. Collect experience, improve your skill and rise to the top of the rankings. Just sign up now and start competing.

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The best esports experience now on Xbox One.

Enjoy esports at its best by playing in cups against other gamers all around the world.

ESL cups

Play ESL Xbox cups.

Sign up and check in for ESL Xbox tournaments, enter your results and follow the cup process through the tournament brackets.

ESL opponents

Add your opponents.

Get in touch with your opponents on Xbox Live by adding them directly through the ESL app.

ESL news

Read all the news.

Keep up with interesting esports content by reading all the latest articles.

ESL games

Enjoy a variety of games.

Play cups in a variety of games and meet new people to compete with or against.

Setup Overview

Setup step 1

Get an Xbox Live Membership

Take your Xbox One online for games, HD movies and more.

Setup step 1

Create an ESL Account

Visit the ESL Play website and register.

Setup step 1

Download the ESL app

Download the ESL app from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Setup step 1

Connect Xbox and ESL account

Start the app and log in to your ESL account in order to connect both accounts. You're now ready to play.