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Crackdown 3 4k

True devastation in true 4K

Time to step up your boom to stop crime as a super-powered Agent in Crackdown 3’s sandbox of mayhem and destruction.

The Blackout New Providence Agency Weapons Do It Better

The Blackout

From out of nowhere, a new enemy attacked. Major metropolitan areas were hit with a never-before-seen form of elemental warfare, plunged into darkness and chaos. In the aftermath, the Agency picked-up a hot lead – and now they'll stop at nothing to find the ones who knocked us down, to deliver a harsh dose of Justice… by any means necessary.

Game features

Crackdown 3
Crackdown 3 Skills for Kills
Crackdown 3

Skills for kills

Level up your super-Agent skills to jump over skyscrapers, hurl trucks at your enemies and fight like a boss.

Crackdown 3 Dangerous open-world playground
Crackdown 3

Dangerous open-world playground

Play with up to four-friends over Xbox Live to take out a violent criminal empire and use the city as a weapon against your enemies.

Crackdown 3 Crime claps back
Crackdown 3 feature background

Crime claps back

Lure vindictive crime lords out of their strongholds by roughing up their street soldiers, attacking criminal operations and taking out high value gang captains.

Crackdown 3 boom goes the dynamite
Crackdown 3 feature background

Boom goes the dynamite

Join with up to 10 agents online to tear the city apart piece by piece in a 100% destructible multiplayer arena, available with your purchase of Crackdown 3.

Crackdown 3

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Game details

Time to step up your boom and stop crime as a super-powered Agent in Crackdown 3's sandbox of mayhem and destruction. Explore the heights of a futuristic city, race through the streets in a transforming vehicle and use your powerful abilities to stop a ruthless criminal empire. Crackdown 3 delivers cooperative mayhem and an all-new multiplayer mode where destruction is your ultimate weapon powered by Microsoft Cloud.

Additional information

  • Publisher
  • Microsoft Studios
  • Developer
  • Reagent Games, Sumo Digital, Cloudgine
  • Genre
  • Action Adventure
  • Platforms
  • Xbox One
    Windows 10

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