Train Sim World® 4 Compatible: Rail Operations Group BR Class 37/7

Train Sim World® 4 Compatible: Rail Operations Group BR Class 37/7

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Requires a game
Requires a game
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This content requires a game (sold separately).


TSW Compatible content released for a previous Train Sim World® - features may remain unchanged from the original release and may not make use of all newer core features. Please note: For the full experience, we recommend you own Train Sim World 3: Southeastern Highspeed which is available as a separate purchase. The BR Class 37 is a living legend that dates back to the earliest days of mass dieselisation. But how are 60-year-old locomotives still working the mainline? Enter, Rail Operations Group, who move rolling stock which cannot necessarily move under its own power, and the Class 37’s unmatched reliability and versatility makes it a perfect candidate for such tasks. Hooked up with bespoke equipment, and an adaptive Dellner coupler, the ROG Class 37 played a fundamental role in the movement of Class 375 Electrostars during the SERefurb program. Now, in Train Sim World 3, re-kindle the days of weekly thrash through the Medway Towns, dragging out of service Class 375s sporting their older White livery.

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