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Desktop gaming set up with Gears 5 art on the monitor

PC Gaming is better with Xbox

Simply powerful

Take full advantage of your gaming PC to play the games you love plus the latest blockbusters like Halo Infinite. Discover over 100 high-quality PC games with Xbox Game Pass for PC and the Xbox (beta) app for Windows 11 (requires latest updates). Capture, share and control your system using Xbox Game Bar. No matter how you like to play, gaming is better with Xbox on Windows 11.

A selection of games available with Xbox Game Pass for PC including Age of Empires IV, Minecraft, The Forgotten City, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite.

Discover your next favourite game

Enjoy access to over 100 high-quality PC games on Windows PCs with Xbox Game Pass for PC.

The games

Play great games on Windows 11, including Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Age of Empires IV and Microsoft Flight Simulator. From the best casual games to the next generation of PC gaming.

Front view of Master chief in front of a mountain range

Halo Infinite

Front view of the Halo Master Chief helmet on a background of battle scenes.

Halo Master Chief Collection

Age of Empires IV characters on a background of scenes from the game.

Age of Empires IV

Mercedes-AMG Project one and a 2021 Ford Bronco race on a dirt track near a beach.

Forza Horizon 5

Planes soar through the sky.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Windows 11 is the best platform for PC gaming.

Xbox Game Bar

Win+G it with Xbox Game Bar, the customisable, gaming overlay built into Windows 11. Xbox Game Bar works with most PC games, giving you instant access to widgets for screen capture and sharing, finding new teammates with LFG, monitoring and closing resource-heavy applications, and chatting with Xbox friends across Xbox console, mobile and PC—all without leaving your game.


See which applications are using the most system resources to maximise performance. Use the new shortcut Win+Alt+B to turn the system HDR on or off, and for supported PC games, adjust Auto-HDR and intensity, all from Xbox Game Bar.


Your Audio. Your way. Control your device, microphone, game and music audio, all from one place.

Laptop displaying a Forza Horizon 4 super car in the snow

With Windows 11, watch or play games like never before

With Windows 11, you get the latest in graphic innovations, including Powerful GPUs, High refresh rate screens, 4K1 and now DirectX Raytracing2—which gives graphics better lighting, shadows and reflections.

Two Alienware laptops side by side

PCs built to game

All the power you need to win.

Front angled view of the Xbox Elite controller.

Play with your favourite Xbox accessories

Many Xbox accessories work on Windows, including Xbox Wireless Controllers, Xbox Adaptive Controller and many more.


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