Hello Neighbor 2, Mr Peterson holds a finger up to his mouth with a foggy town in the background.

Hello Neighbor 2

Coming day one to Xbox Game Pass



Find out what your neighbours are hiding in the open-world of Raven Brooks.

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What’s new with Hello Neighbor 2

Game features

A lush aerial view of Raven Brooks.

Scout the open world

Explore the Raven Brooks, where there are no limitations and players can go anywhere. Some AI protect their houses when player is trying to break in to get the scoop, while others stalk the player when out in the open world.

An old man with a shotgun leans down to look at the player.

Enjoy a sandbox experience

Players should find creative solutions to solve the puzzles by combining different items, terrain features and platforming skills.

A tall baker in a chicken apron looks angrily at the player, with a messy kitchen in the background.

Meet the new Neighbours

What secrets could The Baker be hiding in those croissants? Is there something shady about the Taxidermist? And what is The Mayor up to that would warrant getting an attack dog to keep safe.

A stealthy human-like creature creeps down a rainy street.

Outsmart the AIs

Each new Neighbour is now designed with unique AI and behaviours, you’ll need to stretch your skills to the limits and find a way to outsmart each of them!

Game details

Do you think you can trust your neighbours? Everyone in the seemingly quiet town of Raven Brooks is hiding something, and it’s up to you to reveal their darkest secrets.

Play as an investigative journalist against AI-driven characters to solve the mystery of the missing kid in the sandbox world of Hello Neighbor 2. This time the whole town is your playground!

Get your hands on the exclusive closed Beta for Hello Neighbor 2 with pre-orders starting 7 April 2022!

Additional information

Rating Pending

  • May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit ESRB.org for rating information.
  • Publisher
  • tinyBuild
  • Developer
  • Eerie Guest Studios
  • Genre
  • Family Friendly
  • Stealth Horror
  • Platforms
  • Xbox Series X|S
    Xbox One

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