What is Upload?

Check out the Q&A and find out all there is to know about Upload and Upload Studio.

What is Upload?

Upload is a new gaming and entertainment experience in Xbox One that, by making use of our Game DVR functionality, enables users to show off their greatest gaming moments in their own personal way. With Upload, users not only get a powerful, easy to use video editing tool, the Upload Studio, but also a destination where users can access their own content and see what others have created.

Is Upload editing done through a controller, PC or other device after recording?

Upload takes advantage of the innate Game DVR functionality in Xbox One, as well as Kinect’s voice and gesture capabilities to provide a simple yet powerful way to quickly edit your game-play videos right in the console. Users can chose to record, edit and share their gaming moments as they happen, or they can always go back, after they’re done playing, and check their clips in their profile for future editing.

Is Upload accessible from the dashboard?

Yes, users will be able to access Upload from the dashboard and Upload Studio will also be accessible from the Game DVR functionality, as well as from the Upload app. Both experiences are enabled with Kinect voice functionality, so all users have to say is “Xbox go to Upload”.

What is the length limit to a Game DVR or Upload Video?

Users will be able to record and create Upload videos of up to 5 minutes, whether it’s an entire video or many clips stitched together, including video commentary and any additional effects.

What are the parental controls associated with Upload content?

Upload will follow the privacy settings and controls that have been put in place across the Xbox Dashboard. Upload content will also respect the age rating of the games content, so if a parent sets the parental control settings for their child, they will not see inappropriate games content.

Where will Upload be available?

Upload and Upload Studio will be available in all countries where the Xbox One console and Xbox Live service is available

Will Users be able to edit/upload clips while the game is paused, and then resume playing?

Yes. The user can pause the game, access their Game DVR clips via Upload, edit and then quickly upload a clip. When they are done, they can resume playing the game.