Green rocket ship preparing for takeoff on a cloud

Stream Xbox games from the cloud

Get a first look at game streaming with Xbox in Project xCloud (Preview). Play Xbox favourites on your Android phone or tablet directly from the cloud over Wi-Fi or your mobile network. As we’re starting to roll out this test, we invite you to help shape the future of game streaming.

Play console-quality games

Test streaming console-quality titles from the cloud—no waiting for downloads. During the preview, you don’t need to own games or a console. We’ll be adding more games over time for you to discover and play.

Gears 5, Sea of Thieves and Halo 5 Guardians box art arranged in a fan pattern


First, make sure you have the following:

Line art of a smartphone

Compatible mobile device: Android version 6.0 or greater, Bluetooth version 4.0+

Line art of an Xbox Wireless Controller with a Bluetooth symbol

Compatible Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth

Optional clip to connect your phone and controller.

Line art of a mobile phone and wifi signal

5GHz Wi-Fi or mobile data connection 10Mbps down

Xbox Game Streaming App icon

Xbox Game Streaming App (Preview)

Next, register for Project xCloud (Preview)

Project xCloud (Preview) is by invite only. We welcome all players with an eligible mobile device and controller to sign up. However, we anticipate many people will register for a limited number of spots and invites may not be sent until several months after registration.*

Green rocket ship preparing for takeoff from a cloud

1. Register for Project xCloud (Preview)

You will need a Microsoft account to register. If you don’t have one, you can create an account for free during registration.

Rocket and Xbox controllers flying upwards into space

2. We’ll email you with next steps

If you are chosen to begin the technical preview, we will send you an acceptance email with next steps. The first round of the technical preview starts October 2019. We will only be accepting a limited number of participants in the initial test, but will admit new players throughout the year.

Smartphone displaying the Xbox Game Streaming app logo

3. Get the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) app

Once you get accepted, install the app to your Android device, then go to the Project xCloud section of the app and log in with the account you used to register for the preview.

Line art of an Xbox Wireless Controller with the Bluetooth pairing button illuminated

4. Pair your Xbox Wireless Controller

Follow the steps in the app to pair your Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth and Android device. Optionally, you can choose to clip the controller to your phone.

Illustration of an Xbox Wireless Controller positioned in front of a smartphone

5. Go play and share your feedback with us

Select any game in the cloud library and start playing on your Android device. Provide feedback in the app to shape the future of game streaming and join the conversation on Reddit.


Register for Project xCloud (Preview)


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