Two models wearing the Xbox Ultimate Jacket alongside a visual that depicts various elements from X019 London - including an Xbox One Controller, London Bridge, Big Ben, and more.

The Xbox Ultimate Jacket has now sold out.

If you still need to redeem your 12 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code, please follow the link below.

Two models wearing the Xbox Ultimate Jacket, illustrating its ability to be reversed by showing its two different sides

Xbox Ultimate Jacket

Each Xbox Ultimate Jacket comes with 12 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

A collection of Xbox Gear, including two shirts and a jacket. They all feature elements from the unique X019 Aquabrush print. The image also shows the unique X019 Xbox Nexus, which also features the custom Aquabrush prin

Xbox Official Gear

Celebrate X019 with this limited X019 collection featuring a striking camo pattern with elements of London woven throughout.

A lockup of characters whose games are available on Xbox Game Pass, including Lara Croft, Master Chief, Kait Diaz, and Batman.

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