Twitch on Xbox One

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With Twitch on Xbox, you can broadcast and watch your favorite games live. Just say “Xbox, Broadcast” to show the world what you’re playing. Once you’re done broadcasting, use Twitch to watch the games you love, chat with the players you follow, or even join a broadcaster’s game.

Twitch screen on Xbox One

Broadcast And Watch Your Favorite Games

Twitch lets you instantly broadcast and watch the games you love. It’s all live, all the time.

Instantly Broadcast Your Game

Broadcasting lets the world watch and interact with your game -- all in real-time. To start, just say “Xbox, Broadcast” or launch it from the Twitch app. You can then customize your experience by adding picture-in-picture and audio using Kinect.

View Live Gameplay

Watch live broadcasts of your favorite games, the best players and top gaming events from around the world. If you see a broadcaster that you love, follow their channel to be notified when there is live content.

Chat And Play With Broadcasters You Follow

With the Twitch app, you can do more than just watch a broadcast. Cheer or jeer on a broadcaster using chat. Wanna get in the game you’re viewing? Send the broadcaster a request to join his or her party.

Unlock Achievements

Spend as much time watching Twitch as your attempts to reach max achievement on COD? Whether you view one hour of live broadcasts or a hundred, you can earn awesome Twitch achievements.

Snap Mode

Use Twitch to play your favorite game and watch a live broadcast of it at the same time. While in Snap Mode, you can browse top games and channels broadcasting on Twitch. You can also playback content in this view.

Kinect Enabled

Need to give your hands a rest from the controllers? No problem. Control Twitch with your voice or by waving your hand.

Setup Overview

Setup step 1

Connect Your Microsoft Account

Sign in with your Microsoft Account.

Setup step 1

Search For Twitch In Video Apps

Go to apps and select Browse Apps. From there, search for Twitch.

Setup step 1

Download & Install Twitch

Select the Twitch app to download and install. The app starts automatically once the download is complete.

Setup step 1

Launch Twitch

Once in the app, browse and search for live content by top game, broadcaster or featured event. To start the app later, go to Video, My Video Apps and choose Twitch.