Nobody Saves the World - TGA21Demo
Nobody Saves the World - TGA21Demo

Nobody Saves the World - TGA21Demo

Drinkbox Studios • Action & adventure • Rollenspiele
USK ab 16 Jahren
Gewalt (Violence), Sexuelle Anspielung, Unheimlicher Inhalt

Online-Multiplayer auf der Konsole erfordert ein Xbox-Abonnement (separat erhältlich).


Transform from a featureless nobody into a SLUG, a GHOST, a DRAGON, and MORE in this new take on Action RPGs from the creators of Guacamelee! Complete quests to discover and swap between 15+ varied and distinct Forms. Mix and match abilities in unexpected ways to unlock and complete even MORE challenging quests. Explore a vast overworld - on your own or with a friend online - while clearing shape-shifting dungeons in an effort to stop The Calamity and SAVE THE WORLD! Please Note: While the full game will support many languages, this demo supports English only.

Veröffentlicht von
Drinkbox Studios
Entwickelt von
Drinkbox Studios

Wiedergebbar auf

Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Online-Zusammenspiel (2-2)
Online-Multiplayer (2-2)
Xbox – Multiplayer plattformübergreifend
4K Ultra HD
Xbox – Co-Op plattformübergreifend
60 BpS+
Optimiert für Xbox Series X|S
Xbox Live