DoubleDragon Advance

DoubleDragon Advance

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Double Dragon Advance, known as the pinnacle of the series for its incorporation of moves and graphics from across the games, comes back to life on modern consoles! The border of the screen can now be customized with a choice of 5 wallpapers. Play with your background of choice! Featuring beloved stages and weapons from prior titles! ▼ Stages Chinatown and Truck stages from Super Double Dragon Cavern stage from Double Dragon (NES) Custom version of the Fortress stage from Double Dragon II (NES) ▼ Weapons Flail from Double Dragon II (arcade) Nunchaku from Super Double Dragon ▼ Enemies The reanimated terror Burnov and Chinese staff expert Chin from Double Dragon II (arcade) The martial artist Steve from Super Double Dragon The Five Emperors stand in your way as bosses, inspired by the final boss of Double Dragon II (NES). ▼ Moves Explore an arsenal of new moves on top of the traditional arcade moveset, with the Pin Attack from Double Dragon (NES) as well as the Hyper Uppercut and High Jump Kick from Double Dragon II (NES). Don't miss out on this classic from the legendary side-scrolling action series!

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Single player
  • 60 fps+
  • Xbox – Erfolge
  • Xbox – Cloudspeicher
  • Xbox Live