Digerati Couch Co-Op Bundle Vol.1
Digerati Couch Co-Op Bundle Vol.1

Digerati Couch Co-Op Bundle Vol.1

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It’s better with a buddy! This bundle contains #KILLALLZOMBIES, Vertical Drop Heroes and Bleed, all of which feature local/couch co-op (as well as single-player modes). #KILLALLZOMBIES – survive wave after wave of ravenous undead hordes in this intense twin-stick shooter. Vertical Drop Heroes – deftly descend in this adorable monster-battling platformer RPG hybrid. Bleed – this action-platformer delivers stylish, acrobatic dodging and fluid, challenging gameplay. #KILLALLZOMBIES In the distant future, #KILLALLZOMBIES thrusts civilians into a sport of survival, where a ravenous zombie population is unleashed in the name of sports entertainment. With the potential of a collective horde of over 1,000 zombies, spectators vote upon how many and what kind of zombies or obstacles they want to uncage to make survival easier or harder for you to accomplish. Features: Hordes of zombies to fight on interactive changing arena Three modes to play: Survival, Coop and Defend the Vault Live stream interactions enabling spectators to affect gameplay while watching the broadcast Multiple weapons and ammo types XP and levelling up system Powerful perks Vertical Drop Heroes Armed with a variety of skills and traits, you must use your cunning and reflexes to survive the dangers of each stage, until you face the final boss and uncover the truth behind the game! Features: Randomly generated stages, enemies and bosses, resulting in a very replayable game Artwork, coding and animation done by one person, Nerdook, in his unique style Split screen, local co-op Destructible terrain and multiple uses for each skill gives you plenty of options to approach the different situations generated Tons of skills, abilities, traits and powers that you can unlock in the game, creating a different hero each time Unique combat system where proper planning is more important than quick reflexes Persistent upgrades allow you to carry forward progress between games, with a choice between increasingly expensive persistent upgrades or generally cheaper temporary upgrades Every enemy and boss has been designed to provide challenge and variety Bleed Wryn is a girl with a big arsenal and big dreams – she wants to be the ultimate videogame hero! Help her take down the Greatest Heroes of All Time in an action-packed bid to claim the title for herself and show the world what a true hero looks like! There's no filler – just you and your skills against seven levels of enemies, obstacles, breakneck set-pieces and inventive bosses! Features: Unique control scheme enabling crazy fast action 7 levels packed with multiple set-pieces and bosses 4 difficulty levels that remix enemy placement and boss patterns 2-player local co-op for all modes (requires at least one gamepad) 3 unlockable characters with their own gameplay twists Survive the entire game on one life in Arcade Mode Select and battle up to three bosses at once in Challenge Mode Achievements added for Xbox One versions Localized in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Brazilian




FRS Game Studio / Nerdook Productions / BOOTDISK REVOLUTION

Datum vydání

29. 12. 2017

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Xbox pro více místních hráčů (2-2)
  • Xbox Live