Visitors From Afar Pack

Visitors From Afar Pack

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Open For Business! A new chapter, new characters, and even a new bachelor and bachelorette await you in the Visitors From Afar Pack! The Verne Trading Company has arrived and is eager to set up business! But starting any new business can be challenging! What kind of unforeseen bottlenecks await your new guests? Will they see a return on investment, or are they destined to stay in the red? Help them launch their new brand all across Anthos! • Play though an entire new chapter in the game as you help visitors from the Verne Trading Company adapt to life on Anthos! • Woo a new bachelor and bachelorette: CEO Charlotte and her stoic assistant Jaques! • Get steampunk-inspired Verne-style outfits and furniture!

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Natsume Inc.

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Appci Inc. / Natsume Inc.

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