Trailmakers: High Seas Expansion

Trailmakers: High Seas Expansion

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Brave the storm and brace yourself for rough weather in the High Seas Expansion. High Seas introduces the biggest map to date with huge expanses of land to discover, both above and underwater. Prepare for huge waves and rainstorms while you explore the world. Travel from the tropic southern islands to the freezing cold north. Dive into the deep sea to search for hidden treasures. High Seas introduces a completely revamped physics-based system for water, waves, and weather. Ride the waves on a giant surfboard, or use the new sail blocks and build the expedition ship of your dreams. You get: - Gigantic new map - 4 Biomes - 100+ hidden treasures to collect - Wind, waves, and weather - Sail blocks for building - New fancy seat - A wide selection of new accessory blocks

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