Talisman: Digital Edition - The Highland Expansion

Talisman: Digital Edition - The Highland Expansion

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“Legends say that magic pours into the world from high atop the tallest mountain in the land. But beware, for within the Highland dwells the feared Eagle King, guardian of the source of all magic. Intruders and fortune seekers will receive no mercy, for he has not forgotten that the jewels stolen from him now adorn the Crown of Command.” Discover the Highland Region, one of the four Kingdoms surrounding the land of Talisman. This expansion adds a new board piece to the main Talisman board, ready to be explored. Climb as high as you dare to the highest peak in Talisman, as you search for unimaginable wealth. Don’t expect it to be an easy climb though... Make your way to the perilous Crags and you’ll find the entrance to The Highlands waiting for you. Movement is the same as the main board while you’re in The Highlands, except you must follow the designated trail. While in this dangerous windswept Region, you’ll need to draw Highland Cards instead of your usual Adventure Cards. These cards work in the same way as Adventure Cards from the base game, but the Objects and Creatures you face on them will create new and unexpected challenges. Adventure carefully! You’ve made it to the last space within the Highland board - The Eyrie. Here you’ll meet the most powerful creature in the Highlands, the Eagle King. The Eagle King guards an array of Relics which you’ll be able to claim if you defeat him. These Relics can give you the upper hand in your race for the Crown of Command. When facing the Eagle King, you must face him in single combat. Followers, Spells or Objects can not fight in your character's place, so make sure you have the power to defeat him before taking on the champion of the Highland!

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