Talisman: Digital Edition - The Dragon Expansion

Talisman: Digital Edition - The Dragon Expansion

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"Three Draconic Lords, beings of near infinite power and malevolence, have returned to the firelands. To claim the fabled Crown of Command. With them come the legions of evil dragons, harnessing the awesome powers of their dark masters. Now the land quakes beneath their oppressive rule, and the quest for the Crown is more terrifying and dangerous than ever before!” The Dragon Expansion introduces a whole host of new mechanics including two new Inner Regions. Get ready for your Talisman experience to be taken to a whole new level as you prepare yourself to battle the Dragon Lords. Discover the new Inner Regions: The Dragon Realm and The Dragon Tower. These new Inner Regions replace the encounters and victory objectives from the main game board. Before the game starts you can decide which side of the board you want to play with. The Dragon Realm has a similar set up to the normal board but boasts a number of difficult challenges as the number of dragon scales increase. Within the Dragon Realm you do not roll the die, instead you move one space at a time, following the directions the board gives until you confront the Dragon King. The Dragon Tower has a single path that leads to the Crown of Command, in which characters move along the spiralling staircase by drawing cards from the Dragon King’s Deck. When moving through the Dragon Tower you do not roll the die, instead you move one space per turn plus an additional space for each Enemy you kill. These Inner Regions are not for the faint hearted as you must encounter almost every space. Make sure you’re prepared before crossing through the Portal of Power. The three Dragon Lords, Varthrax, Grilipus and Cadorus, have returned to the land of Talisman. Each Dragon has a special ability called Dragon Rage, as well as having a dedicated Dragon deck. Each Deck consists of 56 cards featuring new Events, Enemies, Strangers, Objects, Followers and Places. Dragon cards run the risk of a character encountering a stronger than normal enemy, but the rewards you may gain are also of greater value.

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