Sker Ritual: Digital Deluxe Edition

Sker Ritual: Digital Deluxe Edition

Wales Interactiveالقناص
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Digital Deluxe Edition includes: Full Game Friends in the Darkness Cosmetic Pack Siren's Song Cosmetic Pack The Quite Ones Cosmetic Pack Draigs Terror Cosmetic Pack An intense, round-based, zombie horror shooter by Wales Interactive. Play solo or up-to 4-players online, facing relentless waves of Quiet Ones whilst solving mysterious missions, uncovering Easter Eggs, upgrading steampunk weapons and obtaining Miracles — a vast network of Celtic God powers. It’s 1914, and Elisabeth Williams has conquered Sker Island, now seeking domination with a broadcast of the Siren’s Song. Arianwen, her daughter, has opposed her, and after being mysteriously awakened, you must join her mission to thwart the broadcast and save the world from descending into hell. • Old-school round-based FPS action • Play solo or up-to 4-players online • Story continued from Maid of Sker ‘evil’ ending • Optional objectives & hidden Easter Eggs • Supercharged ‘Elites’ with unique abilities • Collect and enhance 'Miracle' powers • Explore free reward systems ‘Dread Levels’ and ‘Sker Pass’

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Wales Interactive

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Wales Interactive

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  • Xbox Series X|S


  • لعبة تعاونية عبر الإنترنت (2-4)
  • لعبة متعددة اللاعبين عبر الإنترنت (2-4)
  • نمط متعدد اللاعبين عبر النظام الأساسي لـ Xbox
  • Single player
  • النمط التعاوني عبر النظام الأساسي لـ Xbox
  • Xbox Live