Red Siren: Space Defense

Red Siren: Space Defense

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Pilot a cutting edge robot destroyer spaceship, the Red Siren. Defend steel mines on alien planets, fight hostile mechs, robots and jets in an endless war for sky dominance. In the year 2138 power hungry mining colonies wage war over the abundant resources of a faraway star cluster. Join the Exacorp established Red Siren combat unit as a highly trained pilot - take control of the most advanced starfighters of the galaxy to safeguard strategically important planets. Annihilate invading ground forces, achieve aerial superiority, and use your resources to upgrade your ship to dominate any combat situation, becoming the most feared predator of this interstellar conflict! The outcome of the war is in your hands! In Red Siren: Space Defense you will face futuristic robots, tanks, spaceships, war mechs and huge battle machines! Enjoy the amazing visuals, realistic effects, exciting battles, challenging missions. Discover marvelous planets, hunt down the enemy space forces, defend your base, escort supply ships, collect lost cargo in a mine ridden asteroid field... The strategy is up to you, but no matter what: You must find a way to win this interstellar war!

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ISTOM Games Kft.

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ISTOM Games Kft.

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Single player
  • إنجازات Xbox
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  • Xbox Live